Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mid-week Mixed Reviews

Pisces Moon will take over on Wednesday just after 2pm. The off radar stuff begins early-early in the morning on Wednesday. Pisces Moon asks us to be more compassionate and to practice random acts of kindness. This being said it also gives us the open door to deceive. Try not to escape reality for the next few days. There is a brief spot on Friday morning that allows Pisces to hand-off to Moon in Aries. Such a brief blip that we might not even mention it. The weekend starts off like a cannon blasting. Lots of impatience and foot tapping. Use the Aries Moon to get your ideas out to the world. Be passionate about what you create. Aries stays through Saturday and ushers in a Taurus Moon Sunday.

Keep an eye out for local breast cancer fund raisers in your area. Join a walk or run to help fight-the-fight.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later.
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