Saturday, April 19, 2008

Some Good ...Some No

This is a Mixed Weekend. We started off with the Moon in Libra. This moon asks us to do things in pairs. We need to compromise and be diplomatic under this moon. Note what is happening around the Globe. The Pope is visiting the US and spreading his message. Very much a good use of Libra energy. Saturday evening around 5pm that moon will disconnect. Use that time to recharge and just be. Sunday morning, twelve hours later, Scorpio moon makes her presence known. This moon stirs the pot. Dig deep into yourself and notice how everything around you seems to resonate the same way.

I met an angel the other day. She did not have wings or wear a long flowing gown. She was just like you and me, just flesh and blood, but to me she was an angel. her enthusiastic support of Belly of the Whale just astounds me, for I am not related to her or do I even know her a little bit. She manages a bookstore in North Carolina and from the minute we first spoke there was an exchange of good energy. I am grateful to her and to all who have come on board the Belly train. We will get the story out there, we'll get the message of hope and survival where it needs to go.

I believe in angels.

Have the best day every day...

Talk later...
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