Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Things are getting so depressing with the economy, that winter is beginning to look good. With Venus slowing down and about to go retrograde this money thing will only dig itself deeper. If you are wise, take your wallet and bury it for the next several weeks. Don't spend unless you absolutely must eat. The only good buys are things that appear worthless but are just aged and currently unappealing. Antiques are the best bargains.

Gemini Moon took over on March 2 and will carry us through most of Wednesday. This moon stirs communication and encourages us to be very busy. Nervous energy makes folk restless. The moon changes face after 9pm on Wednesday until early Thursday morning when one of our favorite moons reflects on us beginning at 6am. The Cancer moon asks us to take care of family and home. Concentrate on what you require for comfort. This includes Friday until 7:30pm. Friday Venus does her thing and if you pay attention you will feel the abrupt swing. This may be a time to be introspective about relationships and the worth of self and possessions. Shutting down spending is a good thing. Use this time to reflect on what you have, what you can live without, and who you love.

The weekend is all about the Moon in Leo and there is likely to be some drama and lots of colorful moments. Have fun this weekend, most people are in the mood for playing games. All this doom and gloom has us living under a rock so go out in the sun but remember that gambling is out, keep your money in your pocket.

The good news is there are no No Days to deal and everyday is one more day to be grateful for.


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