Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blog an Out Word

Just a reminder that this is Word Wednesday. I flipped through Websters looking for an outrageous word. I found outlandish words, and words I outgrew like-outmoded. There are so many "out" words, that I decided to see how many I could incorporate into this Word Wednesday blog.

Some outclassed me, others were outdated, still more outdid themselves. If we could exist on an outer planet, out-of-the-way of mother earth, we would be in outer space wearing an outfit that should be outlawed. This would makes us outsiders who could outsmart and outspend the best of the best.

Perhaps this blog needs an outtake, needs to evaluate how outright outspoken it has become,and even if I've managed to outwit a few, I must out and out quit this nonesense.

Thanks for the outpouring of interest and your outspoken comments. If you consider this outstanding let me offer you an outpatient respite. When the likes out number the dislikes I'll have a better outlook.

Blog what you see, feel, hear, and think.

Live each day well or write a book.


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