Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Blog a Wednesday Word

Words are my passion. Sometimes too many words exit my mouth and get me in trouble. Best to keep the balance by writing. In the past six months I have taken a ticket for a long roller coaster ride which in some ways has left me in limbo. Word for Wednesday, newly created today, is meant to change that. I opened the dictionary, eyes closed, and pointed to "limbo." I am on a path to exit limbo, been there long enough. Question is: do I take a right, a left, or go straight out of limbo?

My instinct is to go left - out of the box-out of that abode for lost souls or as better described by Webster: prolonged uncertainty. Left is comfortable-risky, but comfy. There is so much up ahead as I take that left,so much waiting patiently just for me. There is a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time for everything. This is my time to write-to be published and read. Adios limbo...

Writing words defines me how about you?

Look for Wednesday Word every week starting today.

Blog what you feel, think, say, hear and see. Live each day well or write a book.


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