Friday, September 14, 2012

Blog a Release Date

Good news travel fast. Imajin Books has given me a release date for my ebook Hudson Catalina (formerly Belly of the Whale). The BIG day is Saturday, the 15th of September. The official launch will be in two weeks at the full moon on the 30th. All things considered this event is most fortunate-I am blessed. For those of you who read the original novel, you will be pleased to know that the text is unchanged. There is a new cover, which makes me very happy. The former cover was a dealbreaker for potential readers. Ah, the stuff you learn when you come to the publishing table.

So with a new title and a new cover this story of a young wife and mother with breast cancer and how her life changes in twenty-four hours, can be read again. Kindle readers download please and for those who like to flip real pages look for the paperback. I will be posting more information as it becomes available. Fridays will be designated book promotion day-get ready!

Dreams do come true...

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