Wednesday, September 26, 2012



Woke up thinking of bumpers. Bizarre. Must have been dreaming about bumping my head or having a bumper crop or perhaps a great car bumper like the one I saw on Saturday. I am a fan of vintage automobiles-not an owner; sad to say, but there is always hope of ownership. One favorite is a Hudson made in Detroit some sixty years ago. Its bulbous body has bulldog qualities with a sweet twist of classic beauty.

Word for Wednesday, if you haven’t guessed is BUMPER. Defined by Webster as a drinking vessel filled to the brim, unusually abundant or full and a horizontal bar attached to either end of a motor vehicle to absorb the impact in a collision. Interesting about the cup being full-as I do believe my metaphorical cup is running over right now and abundance is in full throttle mode. Lucky for me that I dreamt about bumpers, because the cynic in my head is just waiting for a collision…huh.

My re-release, HUDSON CATALINA came out on eBook on the 15th of the month, and paperback too. Yes, Hudson was named after the car. No surprise. She is a young wife, mother and breast cancer victim struggling with lost hope. This is one day in her life, twenty-four hours that will change her life forever, the day that fate has other plans for Hudson. Download on Amazon for a train, plane, beach, afternoon, or car ride read.

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