Wednesday, November 7, 2012

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Word Wednesday

I spent five days without power.  Simple definition in my American Heritage item number 8 – Electricity.  Startling what the absence of this power can do in our daily life.  Picture this- me-carrying buckets of brook water into the house reminiscent of a long ago frontier woman.  Heavy sweaters, gloves, hats, flashlights, wood stove cranking (not to mention hauling in the fuel for that) all very humbling.  Yes, I was inconvenienced but I wasn’t suffering.  Dark at 6pm I had my Kindle going or I found myself at the local Starbucks with other inconvenienced folk checking email.  The power returned on Friday night-I asked the big P if he had a good holiday-told him I missed him just a little.

Power has another definition-eleven all together in my dictionary.  Number one is the ability or capacity to perform or act effectively and number four is the ability or official capacity to exercise control; authority.  On this side of a national election we must become bipartisan even if it sticks in an unmentionable place.  As a country that stands on a platform of freedom we must remember our constitution and respect elected leaders.  At the same time we are in a country of the people-where the people have the power and the elected officials work for us-not the reverse.

Keep the power-play it forward.

Blog what you see, feel, think and hear.

Live each day well…or write a book

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