Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Blog a Nor'easter

Word Wednesday

The dictionary defines a northeaster as follows: A storm or gale blowing from the northeast.  That does not in any way say enough about a Nor’easter.  Last Wednesday we here in the tri-state area were just about getting out from under hurricane Sandy when up from the northeast blows that gale.  Let me tell you-seven inches of snow and one dark scary night say a lot more about that bugger than the American Heritage.  No boring details please.  Oh, maybe just a quick retell about me trudging up a long winding hill (my road) to retrieve my car stranded by an earlier road closure. Heart pounding in my chest I walked so fast I had to gulp air that felt hot and cold simultaneously.  Headlights glowed against the snow banks and I jumped wagging my $2 flashlight.  Finally a car driving in my direction stopped and followed alongside me until I reached my car.
Lord bless us and save us-I mean that was one glorious moment barrel butting out of a snowplowed barricade to get back to my house.

No coincidence that HUDSON CATALINA’s story is told during a nor’easter.  Her time frame is twenty-fours and this mother of four, wife and cancer victim must battle a loss of hope and go out on a scary night unaware of what lurks ahead.  The Holidays are upon us, do put HUDSON CATALINA on your list.  You can download the eBook or buy the paperback.  Amazon is user friendly. Stay safe and warm out of harm’s way, keep a shovel handy and upgrade your flashlight.

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