Wednesday, November 21, 2012

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Word Wednesday

THANKSMAS – undefined in both Webster’s and the American Heritage Dictionaries.  Thanksmas – word for Wednesday – a family word, one word from two.  Like a favorite recipe handed down through generations, Thanksmas is a blend of ingredients.  Take a sprinkle of Thanksgiving and a dash of Christmas Eve, mix with a cup of Christmas, stir well and bake with love.

Thanksmas is celebrated once every two years-somewhere around Thanksgiving-a day before, or a day after.  All the hoop-la is forgotten.  No crazy, last minute shopping, no race to bake ten different kinds of cookies and no hurt feelings when the next holiday comes with another set of parents, grandparents and all manner of in-laws and outlaws.  Gifts are kept to a minimum, most for children, not for adults.  A Christmas tree, if the location allows, is hoped for in some shape or form.

Each Thanksmas brings its own delights, its extra chairs, new faces and missed faces.  Engagements have been announced, babies too and the circle of life goes round and round.  This made-up-family celebration has become a tradition of its own.  So much so that others often ask if this is a Thanksmas year.  Yes, it is, and we are grateful to come together in 2012, to create from scratch, another Thanksmas.

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Live each day well…or write a book.

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