Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blog a Paperback

If you are one of those paper people, the ones like myself that believe that books are Ipads made from trees then this post is for you.  Createspace and my publisher, Imajin Books, are promoting Imajin paperbacks from November 1 through December 14.

Take this opportunity to buy holiday gifts you can wrap and give to family and friends.  Each paperback available from Imajin Books has an amzing author behind it.  Check us out on Imajin's website and then go to Createspace and order one for yourself, mom, dad, aunt Sue, Uncle Charlie and all your kids.

HUDSON CATALINA is among the paperbacks available.  During my recent free eBook promotion on Amazon HUDSON CATALINA reached number one in suspense novels by passing John Grisham.  Whew! I still get chills on that one.

Blog what you hear, think, feel, say...

Live each day well...or write a book.


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