Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blog the Full Moon

Did you see that beautiful full face in the sky? Moon in Virgo smiling back at ya!!! She brightened our night sky and turned our emotions inside out. There was no perfection, every detail scrutinized, and no rules broken except behind closed doors.

So this is mid-week and we’ve got a reprieve from the warden. The moon has gone off stage to change and her next appearance will be in Libra after 3pm today. While she is getting pretty we can center our self and make plans. Nothing much will matter until she returns…nothing to account for except our self and that does matter.

The Libra moon asks us to compromise and negotiate with dignity. Libra is the peace maker and if there is an urgency to speak of such things then over the next few days the energy is favorable. The Power of Two is represented by Libra, the scales of justice weighing the fairness and the right of any and all situations. Use this time to be with someone you love. Cozy up.

Libra Moon takes us into Friday and then about 6:30pm she exchanges her pretty face for the dark mask of Scorpio. There is a two hour lapse as she goes through her emotional redo. No bad reputations for dear Scorpio, only this, if you want things kicked up a notch here is the moon to do it. Emotions are deep and conversation is too. Use the weekend to spend some time by the sea or any place near water.

Venus is dancing a backward cha-cha so take some time to go inside your self and make peace with what you value and what you can live without. This applies to the inner and outer you.

Have the best day everyday.


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