Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blog Coincidence

I do not believe in accidents or coincidence. When questioned I am always asked if I believe in fate or destiny. I answer with out answering. Life is a series of this and that, life is just life. We make a plan and then poof the plan changes. Is that fate? Perhaps. Karma? Maybe. Everything seems to be a link to something else and then we get entwined with someone else. I imagine I am a player on the stage of this existence, my role has a few lines and then the curtain falls. However brief, this life is the only one happening, what we do, you and me, is up to us. When life turns us upside down there is always another Act and new players. Make the most of everyday and do not judge yourself by what you have, by your money or your possessions. Value who you are by what is inside, the stuff you are made of, that is the your wealth.

It is mid-week and if you felt a bit off center this afternoon that was when the moon in Sagittarius changed hats. The more serious face of Capricorn reflects on us until 4pm on Friday. Use this moon to act without getting too emotional. Capricorn is prudent, returning large amounts of money should work well over the next few days. Too bad no one told the folks doling out bonuses about Venus retrograde. Oh well, no surprise about the give back.

Have the best day every day.


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