Friday, March 27, 2009

Ah, the weekend...I do love the weekend. Today here in the Northeast the weather turned enough to bring the advent of night chirping. I dusted out my porch and sat with a cup of tea surveying the remnants of winter and the beginning of spring. The moon finished her stay in Aries at 10:17 tonight and will take a needed rest until 6am tomorrow, Saturday. The best of the best moons will reflect on us throughout the balance of the weekend. Yes, Moon in Taurus for all those who know and love mother earth. Do ask for what you deserve, make good use of your senses, all five. Treat your body to some pleasure.

This delightful moon will change face early Monday morning and will return in Gemini at 9:30am. The morning commute will be a blur and the day will get started late. Once Gemini takes hold you will not sit down. Gemini likes to be busy and has many fingers in the pot. Watch for gossip and too much talk.

Keep April 10th bookmarked, I will be blogging about Dan Fogelberg's CD for Prostate Cancer Awareness. Dan Fogelberg died in December of 2007 at the age of 56. Please spread the word regarding this incredible CD and the reflections of his music and his memory.

Have the best day everyday. Remember to fight-the-fight.


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