Monday, October 6, 2008

Good Monday and beyond...

We have ten more days of the Mercury retrograde. Not that it ends completely on the afternoon of the fifteenth, but the official end is that day. There is a shadow around the backwards phenomena and that encompasses a few weeks before and after. However, the heavy duty backward energy will cease and perhaps much of this up and down stuff will begin to level off. Monday the 6th is a Good Day. The moon is in Capricorn allowing us to conduct some serious business. Get it done under this influence. This will carry us through until Tuesday afternoon about 3:30pm. The moon disappears behind the changing curtain and does not return until noon on Wednesday. When the moon is changing we do best to organize and think. The doing should be reserved for later on Wednesday when the moon is in Aquarius. This remains until Friday about 4:30pm. Best days of the week this week are Monday and Thursday.

Hope you are following the Virtual Book Tour Train ride with Belly of the Whale. We'll be making some stops this week, do come aboard.
Tuesday-October 7 The Library at the End of the Universe
Wednesday-October 8 Cafe of Dreams
Thursday-October 9 The Merits of the Case
Friday-October 10 Cafe of Dreams

Have the best day every day. Remember to fight-the-fight, please join our team on the 19th of October in Central Park

Best, Linda

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