Monday, October 27, 2008

New Moon...Two Good Days

New Moon in Scorpio on Tuesday, this is a Good Day after 8am. Use the new moon to begin a new idea or project. When the moon reflects on us in Scorpio your new beginning may have taken months of research, you might appeal to a corporation or large mass of people. Medicine may be involved or things related to surgery. Begin at a new moon and complete on a full moon, this give you two weeks. Wednesday is also a Good Day, just remember that Scorpio drains us emotionally. Nothing short of intense is the mode of action. Keep no secrets, tell all, the truth must be told; all this applies to Scorpio. By Thursday(1:45am)the moon goes void and does not return until just after 6:30pm. The entire day is one to chalk up, not worry on and do not expect too much from. Make no definite plans and do not attempt to succeed. Sagittarius will take over and gives us all the luck and optimism we missed for a day. This energy takes us through Friday and Saturday.

Have the best day everyday and continue to fight-the-fight.


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