Friday, October 10, 2008

This week has gone down in history. Perhaps a look back might help those who are stressing over the current economic crisis. Life is cyclical. Seven year cycles are of particular note. J.P.Morgan turned the ship around back in October of 1907 and now here we are almost one hundred years later. Remember...the RE words, we will recover.

It is the weekend, on Friday at about 9:30pm the moon went into Pisces. She will be there for two days. Saturday and Sunday are the Good Days, enjoy them. Pisces asks us to be kind, to be compassionate and not to deceive. There seems to always be the tendency to leave out something with Pisces. A crucial piece of information perhaps. Be mindful of this. On Monday, very early in the morning, Aries trades places with the emotional Pisces Moon. Aries is fire, so watch things heat up. Patience is in short supply. Stuff gets done quickly because Aries asks us to step up the pace and dry our tears.

I met a woman the other day who was passionately spouting about doing your homework in regard to voting. Don't listen to the media she said, go on the Internet and do your homework. She had a point and I must admit that I tend to lay back from all things political but I do see how the media is doing a good job at manipulating opinions. Review the facts before you vote. Remember that Mercury has been dancing backwards and the truth has been buried in all the uproar. Look up the word hero while you are at it. Perhaps we need one.

Two reminders: First: Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in a city near you, if New York City is close by please come join us in Central Park on October 19th. Join the Belly of the Whale Team. Second: Virtual Book Tour for Breast Cancer Awareness-please stop by next week: October 13-Scribe Vibe, October 14-Literarily,October 15& 16-Coffee and Chemo,October 17-Literary Feline
Have the best day everyday. Fight-the-fight.


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