Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mid-week feeling that backward dance...

We are smack in the middle of the dance floor with Mercury doing his waltz in reverse. Even if you waffle believing in this metaphysical stuff you have to admit that communicating has been off the charts since the 24th of September. We've had debates cancelled and uncancelled, candidates meeting with the president, the president speaking to the people again and again, congress going back & forth, bailouts reworked, rejected, revised and re-voted on. The "Re" words are what the dance is about. Remember we will recover.

The Good Days are in and out over the next few. Thursday until about 6:45pm, for those tuning in to the vice-presidential debate tonight please keep in mind that the moon is off radar for this event. Nothing and I mean nothing will come of it... just talk...there are no winners and no losers. The moon takes her time rolling into Sagittarius on Friday around 11:15am. This moon is optimistic, out-spoken and good natured. Use her energy to broaden your horizons. The weekend stays in this mood until after 9pm on Sunday. Enjoy the scenery, go for a drive.

Belly of the Whale is on a Virtual Book Tour during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Stop by and read a review, an interview or listen to a podcast, please add a comment. We are touring all month. I'll post stops along the way, for a complete look at the schedule go to my website. Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is there too...remember to join our team. Fight-the-fight.

Wednesday, October 1, The Book Czar
Friday, October 3, Zensanity
Tuesday, October 7, The Library at the End of the Universe

Have the best day everyday.

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