Monday, October 13, 2008

Mercury dancing forward...

Monday is a Good Day with the moon in Aries. Fire signs are so passionate about everything. This is a wonderful springboard to get the week rolling. Tuesday is the full moon in Aries and I suspect there will be many sitings of off-the-wall events and situations. Expect a lot of mildly crazy people and wacky stuff to happen. Howl if you feel like it. Wednesday the dance of Mercury comes to a stop. Whew! This has been one heck of a Tango. Let's pause to reflect and then get back on the dance floor for the forward Rumba. It may take a few days but you will be able to feel the shift. Listen and you will hear the conversations that before were muffled. Taurus Moon on Wednesday is one of our favorites. Let's ask for what we need and if you are the invited guest, dress the part, mind your manners and have some really Good Days on Wednesday and Thursday.

We have one change on the VBT circuit. The 14&15th Chemo & Coffee will not be hosting us but it will be sometime next week. I'll keep you posted-no worries. Meantime remember to fight-the-fight and make strides against breast cancer.

Have the best day every day..


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