Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekend is Excellent!!!

We all need a Good Weekend and this is the one. With all the "disaster" and "Oh, my Gawd stuff" we can sure use a string of days to enjoy. Friday the moon is in Gemini which means there will be many opportunities to speak, communicate by mail, phone, Blackberry, email and the like. People will be busy and will have little time to linger but will never stop chatting coming and going. Use this energy to say what needs to be said. Write it down, squirt words out, make headlines. This all flows into Saturday with the same energy pumping into all. Early Sunday morning for a brief almost two hours (6am-7:30am) the moon will change hats then dance and twirl into its favorite sign of Cancer. Since there is much going on in cities throughout the US in regard to Breast Cancer fund raising this moon will add a glow and help others to reflect on what a world would be without this disease. Join Team Belly of the Whale in Central park for a five mile walk and then come visit us under the Pink Survivor Tent. Use the Cancer Moon for anything homebased, family related and for real estate or property transactions. The Cancer Moon remains through Monday.

Remember Hope Begins With Us- fight-the-fight.

Next VBT stops are:
October 20-Mothers With Cancer
October 21 One Tough Chick
October 22-Not Just About Cancer

Have the best day everyday


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