Friday, January 23, 2009

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I have Google Alert. This nifty little daily do keeps me informed of where I am on the Internet. When setting up my Google Alerts I included several words that are repeated in blogs and articles. My name for one, the name of my main character in my book for another. When Hudson Catalina pops up, and she does every day, I know I am in for some interesting blurbs. The word Catalina appears on its own as well as Hudson, so I get info as far reaching as Catalina swimwear to USAir landing in the Hudson. Most recently I was alerted to an old Hudson being put on the auction block from the Steve McQueen collection of cars. I learned later that it sold for a measly $39,000. What a steal. My Good Days and No Days is also on alert which inspires me to continue following the moon.

Here it is Friday the 24th of January and the moon is in Capricorn. She took on that serious face just after 1am this morning. The weekend will reflect that all business side and allow us to get organized, floss our teeth and eat healthy. On Sunday the moon will vacate until 2pm...sleep late and read the paper. Aquarius moon brings surprises and high energy. Keep a watch for the New Moon Solar Eclipse on Monday. This happens at 2:55am. You and I will be sleeping. Use the New Moon to begin a project and note that a Solar Eclipse brings significant changes. If that were not enough Monday rings in the Chinese New Year: Year of the Ox. We'll talk more about that next time. Till then...

Have the best day everyday.


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