Monday, January 12, 2009

Five minutes of the Bachelor,that was my viewing time, the last five minutes when he hands out twelve roses. Watching the faces of the women waiting was enough to remind me why I do not watch television on a regular basis. A blank screen shields me from hearing the laments of the wounded-unpicked females and spares me from being the voyeur on an intimate date. If you are a TV junkie please accept my and white old movies make my heart thump, and that's the truth.

For those more celestial minded we are paddling against the tide with Mercury in his backward dance. Please be mindful of communication glitches. Misinformation and misunderstandings are very possible. Reviewing and rewording are two good activities. returning to a place you have been before, reconnecting with old friends and reunions are suitable for this time. Gather your thoughts and put them in order, you will be happy you did three weeks from now.

The moon is in Leo until early-early Tuesday morning and then she vacates until 1:33pm and returns in Virgo through Wednesday and just into Thursday morning. A Virgo Moon asks us to be perfect. In order to succeed at this we must attend to details. Medical issues and things that require scrutiny work well. Write off most of Thursday until after 5:30pm when the Libra Moon joins us for three days. Remember Libra does best in two's. Compromise, negotiation and diplomacy can be used well with a Libra Moon.

Have the best day every day.


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