Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blog a Scam

There is much talk around about schemes. There are various tags for these: Ponzi, Pyramid, and Amway are three. Most scams involve investing, for some it is money, and for others, it is time. All these schemes are built on false promises and the lure of cash or dreams come true. Most people, like me, never made enough money to get caught up in a Ponzi scheme. Yet, folk like me are sometimes lured by getting rich quick or having a dream come true.

If you or anyone you know is involved in a questionable business contract and feels that there are unanswered questions, please contact a lawyer, an accountant or someone familiar with your particular business and become better informed.

Remember that Mercury is dancing backward and during this time it is difficult to hide information. With Pluto just entering Capricorn and Saturn at the tail end of its run in Virgo there are lots of folk being called onto the carpet. Confessions may not come easy but the facts are clear. Retrograde is all about returns, refunds, remittance, revenue, remembering, reviews, reasons and resolutions.

For this weekend think Good Days. The moon is in Libra and she will remain there through late Saturday until 9:46pm. Negotiations and compromise are suggested. Libra does well in two’s. Use this refined energy to dress up or turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. By Sunday the moon will have changed her face. The mask of a Scorpio will look down on us. This reflection stays through Monday. Scorpio can be harsh but loyal, brave but demonic, clever but destructive and secretive but resourceful. Best use of this moon is to clear away the rubble, all the garbage and start a clean slate.

Have the best day everyday.


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