Friday, January 9, 2009

If you haven't already, please look up. The moon is full in the clear night sky in my corner of the world. She will be officially full at 10:27pm tomorrow evening but we will give her credit for looking the part twenty-four hours early. The mystique of a full moon brings us endless stories and superstitions. Her lantern is so bright that the icy footprints in the driveway glisten, the dog can explore behind bushes and trees using her sense of smell and the moons light. Creatures large and small can feel the tug of her beauty. She is like a woman empowered.

The moon is in Cancer this weekend, a sign most comfortable for the moon as she is ruled by Cancer. We should get in touch with our emotions this weekend. This full moon is very sensitive and may need reassurance from loved ones. Real Estate dealings and family situations are of significance. The cup can run over with a full moon in a water sign. Although she takes a break about 11:30pm on Saturday the energy is still valid and usually not bothered by the void of course rules. Leo takes over about 12:30pm on Sunday. If you are looking for some drama and a little bit of excitement, you can find that today and Monday.

Prepare yourself for the backward dance of Mercury. It begins on Sunday evening. Perhaps you have already felt the whisper repeat itself. Remember the "re" words tell all. Rewind, review, redo, and return are a few examples.

Have the best day everyday.


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