Friday, January 2, 2009

Well we made it...another year down and a new one begins. Consider yourself lucky and I do too, for being here with the people we love. The Pisces Moon has allowed us to cry a little, seek sympathy, beg some and plead a lot. Usually all this cajoling will get us what we want or save our bottoms. Early in the morning on Saturday the 3rd the moon will quickly move into Aries. All on fire this moon will get a few folks agitated and others a little testy...have patience with this moon as she is the seed and the inspiration for ideas. All of this fire will ignite our passions and stay with us until about 9:30pm on Sunday.

Taurus will usher in her goodness about 11am on Monday. Stay just off the line until then. Get ready for the backward motion of Mercury. It's coming on the 12th but you can feel the tug already.

Happy New Year...have the best day everyday.


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