Monday, January 19, 2009

Blog a No Day at Noon

Good Days and No Days that’s what I spout about. The whole premise of my blog is to act as a guide for the best use of the universe’s energy. I follow the moon for the best measure and try to steer you around those No Days. The best use of energy is to simply let things be, not to sign or commit to anything…to wait until that warp ends. All this said it bothers me that the inauguration, the actual swearing into office of our 44th president will be at a void-of-course moon. If the timing is as the newspapers predict then the president-elect will put his hand on the bible at a few minutes before noon on Tuesday January 20th. The void ends thirty minutes later. Some years back people made fun of Ronald Reagan for dodging the void moon. Oh we never knew exactly what he was working around but it was clear that someone was guiding him to seek the best time for such important events. He successfully manipulated several occasions when he had to commit to his next move or next job and history records President Regan very favorably.

To date no one has asked me about the void moon for the 20th of January, no one has asked me if that is a Good Day to be sworn in as president. Since No Days do not bode well for success and often proceed in an unexpected manner, plans can change and we might hope that there are delays and the actual swearing in occurs later than scheduled.

For those paying attention the moon leaves Scorpio at 10:37pm Monday evening and returns in Sagittarius at 12:30pm on Tuesday January 20th; this moon is all about freedom and broadening our horizons, making promises and being optimistic. She stays in this mood until Thursday at 11:24 am and then leaves us with a No Day until early morning on Friday. Capricorn is more serious than Sagittarius and her all business face takes us into the weekend. By the way is the man in the moon really a woman? Something to contemplate…

Have the best day everyday.


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