Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Anyone interested in a few Good Days?

Brace yourself for a few Good Days. The kind of Good Days that are unpredictable but exciting. The way life is meant to be lived. The moon has settled into the sign of Aquarius until about 1pm on Friday. This gives us enough time to tinker with technology (which is always a bonus of this moon). Friends are another plus. Spend time with some over the next forty-eight hours...get the engines of friendship started again after the idling of the holidays. Remember that this moon appears to be laid back, appears to be wearing bib overalls and chewing on a blade of grass, but don't be deceived. This moon requires structure. The kind of stay-within-the-lines that only an artist can understand. Rules are made, but not in the traditional format. If you are restructuring today or tomorrow be inventive. Aquarius is the inventor. Shake it up. This is the time to go out the front door.

How many have made New Year resolutions? I see a lot of hands up. Look back on history, how many have you kept in the past? Okay, let's start over. I have a few suggestions to add to your list.
1. Read signs and thank you notes. That means write more which brings me to number two.
2. Write journals, on envelopes, on napkins and on your hand.
3. Laugh more...when you are alone especially.
4. Tell someone special you love occasion, no reason, just because tomorrow he or she could be gone.
5. Circle April 1, 2008 on your calendar. Belly of the Whale will be released. Preorder on right now and get a huge discount!!!
6. Stay healthy.
7. Stay aware.
8. Thank an angel everyday for watching over you.
9. Learn a new language.
10. Fight the fight.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later...

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