Friday, January 11, 2008

Weekend Moon in Pisces

There is a brief two-step from about 1-2pm today. That's a perfect time to go to lunch if you are EST. Others adjust appropriately. We have left the surprises, anxieties, stress and computer foul ups behind with the crazy moon in Aquarius. Now Pisces brings us a more fluid outlook (here on the East Coast that equates to rain). Only kindness matters. That is truly what the Pisces moon has to say. Unfortunately this moon is often used to deceive or drown in alcohol or for us to put on rose-colored glasses and bury our head in the sand. Get my drift?

Let's go back to the real meaning, to the core. Sacrifice is a hard swallow, but kindness often involves a measure of sacrifice. This is the weekend to peel back all your layers. Expose the real you, no pretenses. You will be surprised how good that feels. Focus on what you say and how it affects others. Be compassionate. Be aware. Stay healthy.

Today is a Good Day...have the best day everyday.

Talk later...

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