Sunday, January 13, 2008

Good Way to Begin the Week

The moon passed into Aries in the early evening and will remain with us until just after 11pm on Tuesday. We can expect people to be impatient over the next few days. Getting things done quick is preferred. Creative projects thrive and tempers can be short. Remember that the planet Mars rules Aries and that the backward motion makes the red planet a little subdued, a trifle weak. Aggression takes a more passive face but behind the mask lurks the warrior. Pick your battles over the next few days.

So the work week begins with a Good Day and this always bodes well. Use these days wisely. The planet Mercury is getting ready to waltz in reverse. We begin to feel the shift in subtle ways. Forgetting is one obvious symptom. Misplacing things is another. Be mindful that things will need to be repeated. Make lists. Projects abandoned might be taken up again. The actual "eye-of-the-storm" will be the 28Th of this month through to the 19Th of February. Don't expect the market to pick up...tactics of recovery may be those that were tried before and succeeded.

Have the best day everyday.

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