Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Good Day in the middle-of-the-week

Middle of the week and what better time to say what is on your mind. Express yourself. Throw some drama into your world, don't just say it, spread your arms, make gestures and look the other person in the eye. The Leo Moon asks us to be center stage, to get the attention we seek. Beware only of the weird warp in the universe. Mars is going forward and Mercury dancing backward. Talk about confusing. If you feel a bit off balance or a tiny bit frustrated, or stressed or all of the above chalk it up to the Cosmos at half-time. Speaking of half-time in a few days I'll give you my version of who will win the Super Bowl...stay tuned.

Tomorrow the moon slides into Virgo. The blip is 5 minutes in the morning between9:43 and 9:48 (for those who are anal). Virgo will ask more of us in the way of order. Chaos is forbidden around the Virgo Moon...the clean up committee will be out in full force.

For those paying attention to the New Year resolution about staying healthy look to honey as an overall elixir for what ails you. Around since the Ancients and further back than that...honey (one teaspoon at night) could be the magic potion we've been in search of. This medical Holy Grail can cure almost anything. Be sure that it is not processed. Spend a little more to get the best. You are worth it.

Have the best day everyday...

Talk later...

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