Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good Day in the Middle of the Week

We get to the middle of the week and realize we are half way to Friday...great feeling. Having a Good Day on Wednesday is extremely helpful even if the moon is in Scorpio. This water sign is very intense and doesn't let us off the hook for anything. We must answer all the questions asked and research the answers we do not know. The corporate community does well under this moon, as the power of the collective is strong during this period. We must all remember that communication is having its difficulties and that speaking may not be as fluid as we would like. On Thursday the moon will go off the radar for the day...as with this past Monday, Thursday will be a No Day. Two No Days in one week is a challenge. If you follow the rules of a No Day you may feel like nothing is getting done. Do what you can without actually doing. After 5pm on Thursday the Sagittarius Moon arrives giving us a renewed sense of humor and optimism.

How's your diet coming? What other resolutions did you make? January is waving goodbye and we are officially into the year, take off the tag: New Year. Valentines Day is next on the calendar and Sadie Hawkins has a birthday this month. Stay healthy. Stay aware.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later...

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