Monday, January 7, 2008

First Monday in January is a Good Day

We are back to the routine. A Monday through Friday without a holiday and too much dessert or bubbly. There is something about the mundane that is comforting. Knowing that our daily-do's will go on as normal. Yah but...what is normal? Don't get too comfortable in your over-stuffed chair and your remote. Look out the window there is a big world out least twice a week go out the front door not the garage or the back. If you are in an apartment take the stairs and not the elevator. Shake things up a little. The Capricorn Moon starts us off with structure and rules. This may not be the day to break from routine but Wednesday looks like a possibility. I am not suggesting that you break the law, only that you stay on your toes. Don't get so complacent that you miss opportunities.

Tomorrow the Capricorn Moon will be off the radar all day. This equates as a No Day. If you want to test the waters of experimenting outside your little box...Tuesday won't count but you could get a toe wet. Remember not to push the planet tomorrow. It is the Chinese New Year and the beginning of the Year-of-the-Rat. New Moon on the East Coast is at 6:37am. Celebrate! Wear red. How does a No Day bode for the Rat? Unpredictable at best. The year will not follow the rules. Perhaps Ratatouille will win for animation and best performance by a long-tailed rodent.

2008 is here and Belly of the Whale will be released in a few months. All my mention of staying aware and staying healthy comes from the theme of this book. I wrote it not knowing very much about cancer. Research and first-hand experience with family and friends brought me to an awareness level I never imagined. Cancer comes uninvited. It comes on a mundane day from out-of-the-blue and takes its victim to his or her knees and their caretakers with them. So shake your days up a a passionate for living not for working. This is get one chance. Stay healthy as best you can. Stay aware. Support those whose days will never be normal again.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later...

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