Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Love that Taurus Moon for a Good Day

The sun shines bright here on the East Coast of the US. The moon has made her way into the sign of Taurus. She likes wearing the cloak of earth, this one in particular. Taurus is a placid and stable sign. The kind of energy that we can take easily with us as we navigate the planet. Taurus allows us to seek what we desire, to be the invited guest. Using her energy requires humility and awareness. Do not be greedy, it will backfire on you. Taurus is generous and what you plant will flourish but she is also stubborn and if you tread on the garden you will feel her rage. Like the bull in the field a Taurus Moon can only take so much nudging and then she snorts and lowers the horns. Enjoy Taurus Moon Good days today and tomorrow. After 9pm on Thursday she will go off the radar and return early-early in the morning Friday as restless as can be, in Gemini.

Cancer took one of our Kunati authors this week. It won the battle.

Something will take us down, some unknown that has been deemed our henchman. Death is a given, none of us get off the planet alive. All this sounds quite morbid. Reality is a hard pill to swallow. In the meantime let' make a pact to live everyday to its fullest, to have the best day everyday, to tell the people we love that we love them and to stay as healthy as we can and be aware.

Talk later...

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