Friday, January 25, 2008

Good Friday...

TGIF...Needless to say we are all happy when the weekend comes. Friday our moon remains in Virgo. Are you a bit tired from turning chaos into order? If you've been making lists and checking them twice, pat yourself on the back for good use of cosmic energy. How many void-of-course converts do I have out there? Consider yourself part of an elite group. When the cosmos is turning upside down you have the inside scoop. Take tomorrow for an instance. The Virgo moon goes off the radar about 6:30am and does not return until about 5:30pm in Libra. So...consider your daily-dos on Saturday to go NOT as planned. You can still get a lot done but don't put ink to the dotted line or make a promise you can't keep. Once the Libra Moon surfaces breathe a sigh of relief. Grab a partner and do things in two's. Get beautiful. Make a compromise. Negotiate like crazy. Stand your ground but make no decisions. All this will last until Monday till about 4:45pm.

Monday...Monday...just a heads up for all this weekend. The trickster planet, Mercury, will begin his backward waltz. You will feel its effect now. Did you forget something? Did I say that? and so on. Mars, the red planet, the downward trend on the market planet, will go direct (dance forward) on the 30th. Hopefully the checks will already be in the mail and Congress will not renege on the money to taxpayers. Because by April...things will be looking more promising. April "Belly of the Whale" releases on the first of the month. Be one of the first to preorder on

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later...

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