Friday, February 15, 2008

Mostly Good Weekend

Friday has been a Good Day with the moon in Gemini, and it will take us into the early morning hours on Saturday. So much by way of travel and communicating will have some people worn out by Saturday morning. The moon falls off the radar about 5am and returns about five hours later. Some might chose to sleep late, others will do best not going by a set plan. After 10am the moon rolls into Cancer giving us the comfort we love for the weekend. This is a wonderful moon to spend with family, around the house or cooking. The Cancer moon will last until about 4pm on Sunday when she falls off the radar and does not return until about 2pm on Monday (in Leo). This is a long weekend for many, Monday will be a bit confusing and unco-operative to those attempting to return from holiday.

Remember that the US post office has special stamps for breast cancer. These stamps cost a bit more but are worth the extra price to support the fight.

Stay aware...stay healthy...fight-the-fight...

Talk later...
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