Friday, February 22, 2008

Good Weekend for Two's

Ah…the weekend. We’ve been under the spell of the Total Lunar Eclipse since Wednesday night and the fall off the radar is about 9:15pm Friday and then the return is early-early Saturday morning into Libra. The idea of a weekend in Libra is very pleasurable. The feeling of sharing permeates the planet and those in high places would rather negotiate and compromise than cause trouble. Relationship is key and anything done in two’s will be successful; count this weekend as a Good One. The Libra Moon asks us to be mindful of the other person. Since we are still in the Lenten season how about continuing the idea of kindness to others; a weekend in Libra Moon makes this possible.

Speaking of kindness, I heard the story of a family that followed through on a conversation had at dinner one night. They actually plucked a sixteen year old boy out of Baghdad and brought him to the USA into an upscale Connecticut town to finish his high school education. This took a serious amount of determination and to-hell-with-the-system mentality; kudos to this family and to those folk who stand up when life needs volunteers.

In the manner of awareness, keep the fight going, don’t be a slacker…cancer is the enemy.

Have the best day everyday…
Talk later…

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