Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mixed Day of The Total Lunar Eclipse

Here is that day I've been blah-blahing about,it is a Mixed Day in our world of No Days and Good Days. The Leo Moon goes off the radar about 1pm and returns at about 7pm looking like the perfect Virgo. The space that lapse creates should be familiar by now. Remember, and even that is easier, since Mercury is going forward (Monday) allowing us more space in our craniums and more words escaping from our lips.

Virgo Moon is stuck on detail and that Total Eclipse should be amazing if the gods sweep the clouds out of the sky. I mentioned the government implications of these cosmic happenings, so Castro bows out...and Hillary will too, and well, no surprise that our candidates are such polarities. Is the US ready for Mr. Obama or perhaps what we really need is someone who we know won't fold even in the worst of circumstances.

Hang on this will be one heck of a performance. 10:01pm is the Totality...let's all look up at the same time.

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Have the best day every day...

Talk later...
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