Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wednesday...No Day

Sorry to all of you reading and listening... this is a No Day, but we can put it to good use. Just because the moon falls off the radar about 10am does not mean we can or should go back to bed (wouldn't that be nice)...let's be productive in other ways. If you are like me and lots of others there is a list a mile long somewhere that you need to attack. Get to the list!!! Cleaning and organizing are really-really good stuff on a No Day. Preparing for Thursday to send out emails and mail your income tax and all that personal interaction activity that a No Day frowns on. See what I mean, just observe today, just listen because you have the inside scoop and not everyone knows how to navigate the planet as well as you do.

The Sagittarius Moon joins us early in the morning of the 28th. For the next few days we can be more optimistic and find the humor in just about everything.

Remember also, that we can plan and plan but we do not know what will happen. Good Days and No Days are just a guiding tool and not the end all for outcomes. Sometimes good or not-so-good you have to do what you have to do. The best attitude is not to give up or give in. Keep the light of hope burning if only an ember on some days. Nourish your soul, put love in your heart and pass on a kindness.

Stay aware...fight the fight.
Talk later...
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