Monday, February 18, 2008

More on the Cosmic Event-Total Eclipse of the Moon

Check your time zones accordingly...but honest, there is NO reason to be indoors on Wednesday evening. The Moon will begin its cosmic performance at 8:43pm EST. It will take about another hour plus (10:01pm) for it to be Total. This ends about 50 minutes later and will be back to its old self at 12:09am. This event is one to note as there is so much going on in our mundane world. We here in North America will feel the effects of this Totality for almost four months...politically this is incredibly important. So do not go to sleep early on Wednesday night...I will hammer this into your head more before then... Meantime remember the No Day today is still in force until after 2pm. Use the Leo Moon after that to get some attention. it is, afterall, only about you.

Stopped to buy a birthday gift yesterday and found a display of pink-ribbon magnets, stationary, mugs and such. Proceeds ( a precentage) will go to breast cancer research. I bought some stuff, one especially moved me. A pink mug ( I need one for my tea) the phrase on it reads: "the universe knows...cherich the journey". Words to start my day!!!

Stay aware...stay healthy...fight-the-fight

Talk later... preorder on for a great deal in hard cover, Belly of the Whale.

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