Monday, February 4, 2008

Giants Win...Mixed Monday...

For those on the fence about astrology working: please re-read Saturday's blog. I am not a fortune teller or for that matter an advocate of predicting out comes, but as an astrologer, I do love picking the Super Bowl winner. Being oblivious to all the facts and pre-game stuff makes the selection even more interesting. I did listen to five very "high profile" guys in Arizona predicting (all five of them) that the Patriots would win. Huh!!! Hope you all had fun last night, right up to the amazing end. Eli Manning was having an incredibly Good Day. For those who don't know it, Eli is a Capricorn. Enough said.

Our Capricorn Moon stays on radar until a few minutes after 1pm. The rest of the day is a roll-of-the-dice. Don't get to worked up about anything because this No Day thing is around for 24 hours plus. Aquarius Moon does not show up until just after 2pm tomorrow (Tuesday). With Mercury dancing backwards this feels like everyone is talking Pig Latin. Use this expanse of time wisely, prepare, write, review, remember, but don't make a fool of yourself. On Tuesday and Wednesday use the Aquarius Moon and backward Mercury in Aquarius to finish up something extraordinary. Speaking of being prepared, more to come, but a heads up on the Solar Eclipse-New Moon on Wednesday.

I am Guest Blogging tomorrow and one of the questions had to do with The Law of Attraction. Simply put: Good vs Not-so-good...sort of like Good Days-No Days. Thought on that is the theory being we attract everything by our attitude, our beliefs, our behavior, and our habits. But the question arises: There are negative people and they pull in all manner of not-so-good stuff, but what about the good folk? I have no answer, but this I do believe. The good people are our teachers. They teach us how to die and how to live.

Pay attention. Stay aware. Fight the fight.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later...
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