Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sort of a Good day

Wake up to another Monday…this one still carries the Aries Moon and will provide us a Good Day until about 8pm. Expect your first day of the week back at the job to be a day of putting out fires, a day of impatience, a day of inspiration and of ideas. When this moon goes off the radar it will return about 4:30am on Tuesday dressed in the flowing robes of our favorite moon in Taurus. Be prepared to spend Tuesday and Wednesday asking and getting. You may also be tempted to overspend. Remember Valentine’s Day is Thursday so perhaps the stores will be doing brisk business in the sweets and bling-bling departments.

I saw something briefly about a hockey team that wore breast cancer pink jerseys in a recent game. Unfortunately I did not get enough details to single them out by name, but I believe they won their game and that the money made went to breast cancer research. Thanks boys!!!

Stay aware…stay healthy…fight the fight.

Talk later…
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