Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Another Good for Two Day

I suppose the idea of going two-by-two is not new. Noah and God had a similar one-on-one conversation regarding the Ark and its passengers. In a manner of speaking we can all learn from Noah's course of action. Two is better than one. The Libra moon insists on partnership. Continue, or carry on, using the two rule all of Wednesday. When Thursday appears the Scorpio Moon will stare down upon us beginning about 7:30am. All that business of relationships and not going it alone will wash out to sea with the intensity of this moon in the deep water sign of Scorpio. Prepare ahead for a rather intense day on Thursday. Do not take any "garbage" from anyone. Scorpio does not play cute like Libra, does not negotiate like Libra or try to make the peace like Libra. Bottom line is: do not try to BS your way out of anything. Scorpio moon will see right through your thin excuses.

There is a New Moon late Friday night in Scorpio. Use it to begin something. Projects that have to do with research, undercover, marine biology, mystery or unsolved anything could be on the list of try this or that.

Use this moon's energy to be healthy. A medical appointment under this moon will be very thorough.

Talk later...

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