Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thank Goodness for a Good Day

Yesterday was a blur. Not terrible, but none-the-less a little bit trying on the nerves. The moon slipped into Sagittarius about 8pm last night and the feeling of breaking the surface began, being able to breath and all that.
So what to expect today? People should be in better humor, but remember that Sagittarius can be brutally honest and will say things (with a laugh) that can cut to the core. Oh, but the Sagittarius moon doesn't mean to hurt with words but to be honest is not always to be kind. Try not to chop anyone up with the truth...please use the optimistic side of this moon to smooth over your conversation. The truth is good but use your higher sense of intelligence to put it out there. The Sagittarius moon brings excellent days (through Monday) to travel, have jury duty, try a case, expound on your beliefs, watch football, go hiking. publish a book, go public or do anything that expands your mind and your horizons.

Now what about shopping? Let's get down to it. Remember the window theory until the 15th? Today and tomorrow are the best of the best. If you've got a list, go for it...wrap later when everyone else is caught up in backward Mars energy.

FYI: There is a wine label out of California called: Cleavage Creek...honest. It is bottled by a man married nearly fifty years whose wife died of breast cancer. The label has different women brautifully dressed, each a breast cancer survivor. So my thought is this: check it a few bottles of red. Ten percent of the proceeds go towards the Cure. Have a glass...not the whole sensible...stay aware.

Belly Of The Whale now has a blog on the Kunati site. As a matter of fact, all of the Kunati authors are officially blogging. What a Good Day to begin...Moon in Sagittarius is bona fortuna.

Have the best day everyday...

Talk later...

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