Friday, November 2, 2007

Good Day...Good Night

Okay Mercury went forward and it was evident by the amount of people talking on their cell phones. I started to count and gave up because of the sheer numbers and doing the math in my head. There was so much to say today. People talked to strangers just to release sentences trapped in their heads for the last three weeks. Traffic was also affected. More accidents. People just couldn't get out of the way fast enough. Not to put a blanket over all this renewed verbalization but as with most good things comes reality. Jung liked to deal with the term "shadow" and his use of shadow was more like the dark side (Darth Vadar). Shadow comes into play with our communication as well. We are out of the backward dance but in its shadow until the 18th of November. What does that mean? What began in or around the 11th of October will finalize about the 18th. Do with that what you will.

Today was a Good Day and tomorrow will be Good as well. The Virgo Moon waits until just after 8:30am to come on the scene. Before that you can make your lists (you will need them). Virgo moon loves details and crossing things off the list. So this weekend should be good for getting things accomplished.

Drink Green Tea it has lots of anti-oxidants. Just one way to stay healthy and fight the fight.

Have the best weekend...

Talk later...

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