Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday...Good Day

We may have all awoke scratching our heads. The mysteries of yesterday still sitting top-of-the-mind.
So will we fare any better today? Moon in Scorpio sends a mysterious message. We have to dig deep for answers. Most of us are too busy to take the time so for some the mystery will remain.
Suggestion for those more determined: Remember you can fly. (Excuse me?) Well I mean there is a way up and over, and, like I said, you can FLY. Another suggestion is this: Get what you need to get done by this evening because we are heading for a big fat No Day that will blanket tomorrow. From about 10:30pm tonight until 8pm tomorrow night and then you might just want to crawl under that blanket. No Days are not that depressing, you can use the energy to do the most mundane of tasks and to plan. Don't expect more from the day than necessary and know that anything said or done is not written in stone.

Scorpio sends a message regarding health. There could be something deep inside, something lurking that you can't see. Not to scare you but if your inner voice has been telling you the same is the time to check it out. Stay well. Stay aware.

Have the best day everyday...

Talk later...

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