Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mid-week a Good Day

I get to wondering sometimes just how many of my blog readers there are out there. I'm not great with numbers so it is all a mystery. My thought extends to musing over the fact that perhaps no one really gives a fig about a Good Day versus a Not-so-Good Day. Frustrating, if I think about it too much. I am certainly not out to convert anyone...you either get it or you don't.
With that in mind let's talk about Wednesday. Once again most of us slept through the blip that sends the moon off the radar. By 8:30 am on Wednesday, the Moon is happily in the sign of Leo and stays there until about noon on Friday. People will be more expressive, more dramatic, more all about being the center of attention. Leo Moon asks us to have fun, to put a bit of sunshine in our lives. If you don't mind the bright lights and the applause needed during the next few days, you will do well. Children and lovers figure into the equation. The watch word is kick things up...get out there.

Writing about breast cancer does not make me an expert. Lots of research went into the background of my story, that and some personal experience involving someone else with the disease and thankfully not myself. I cannot repeat often enough that cancer patients need our love and support. We have to put our selves aside and focus on what can be done for this person we love. Belly Of The Whale is about the loss of hope. Our job in real life is to keep hope alive and well.

Have the best day every day.

Talk later...

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