Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Good Day to read

Except for misplacing stuff I'd say it was a Good Day. I usually don't personalize my posts but I have to think that I am not the only one in a constant state of "looking" for something. Not life or death things just annoying whatevers that I decide I need and know that I had them last month or six weeks ago but now , poof, gone. This I 'd say is part of the slowing down of Mars in readiness for the backward dance until the end of January. If we have to go on these search missions as a daily exercise I will resort to the head banging mentioned in yesterdays blog.

Moon in Capricorn keeps emotions in check. There are no meltdowns allowed during this time. Wednesday this moon remains and wimps and cry babies will not fare well. Keeping that "stiff-upper-lip"is what it is all about.

We shouldn't take our selves too seriously even with a Capricorn moon. Remember to laugh at yourself and to find the humor in life even at the toughest moments. Laughter is the best medicine. Dole out this elixir to those around you. Capricorn Moon has a dry wit. Side splitting one liners are the funniest.

Remember to read. Kunati has a selection for everyone. From fiction to memoir, Kunati has it all.

Have the best day every day...

Talk later...

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