Friday, November 23, 2007

Full Moon Weekend

Did you look out a window last night? Did you glance up at the sky during a night walk, plane landing, car ride or train stop? The moon is waxing. A term applied when the moon approaches its fullness. The landscape is bright and when the house lights are off, the illumination is startling. The majesty of the universe reflects back to us through the full moon. Our full moon will be in Gemini beginning Saturday at 6:30am. For those reading this before that time please note that our favorite "asking-for-things" moon in Taurus went off the scanner about 2pm on Friday. For those shopping Black Friday, good luck and save your receipts. The Full Moon in Gemini takes over the screen on Saturday and most of us will feel a bit restless and more talkative. Watch how people use their hands over the next few days. Talking with your hands is all about a moon in Gemini.

If you began a project or any type of planning at the last new moon (November 9th) you should see some fruit borne at this time. The seed you planted should be showing signs of life.

On a personal note the weekend looks quite interesting for me. There are several alignments that resonate with sweet tones. I don't fortell the future (just offer possibilities) and I don't do well guiding myself (too close to the subject-in-question) but I'll be curious to see what happens next. Speaking of the next thing to happen...just when we think we know...oops something else happens. The adage to live in the moment does have validity. I am not suggesting that you blow off tomorrow, but just reminding everyone not to go so far out into the future that you miss today.

Cancer figures into the telling of my story in "Belly Of The Whale". I have been blessed to date with only bearing witness and not being a victim to cancer. There is no script for cancer, no do this or do that and follow this recipe. Cancer does not discriminate, age makes no difference. The best we can do is stay aware, support those around us, the ones we love, and the ones we befriend who must battle the beast.

Have the best day of your life, today.

Talk later,

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