Monday, November 26, 2007

Good-good Day

Yawn and stretch this morning...the blip occured while we were sleeping. Since about 6am we've been covered by a Cancer Moon. This protective reflection is almost as good as a Taurus Moon. Remember that is our ask-for-and-receive time, the cancer moon is our take-care-of-me moon. If you are considering anything to do with family, today and tomorrow are the best. For real estate or property transactions these two days are favorable. But remember not to sign anything that relates to new deals until the end of January.

Everyone should still feel the peace of being thankful. Despite having to spend time with relatives which can be trying, and down right irritating, we still need to say thank you. Without those people that we are bound to my genetics and blood we would not be who we are. Friends too, come under that umbrella, but we get to pick them and as the old saying tells us: that is a good thing.

Exercise is important. Don't you feel like a stuffed bird today. Begin a routine because you are not going to get slimmer over the next several weeks. Stay aware...say thank you.

Have the best day every day...

Talk later...

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