Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Too tired to read...

On the days I'm too tired to read, I audio read. So this equates to one of those days. I hope that all of you got through the afternoon without attempting to right any wrongs or promote a successful venture. Tomorrow will be a better day for all of that. Just be prepared for straight faces and an all business attitude. Be serious.

My debut novel Belly of the Whale ( to be released 3/1/08) has a wonderful charcter named Willy Wu. Willy is that special person we meet everyday in the market or lining up grocery carts. We do not think very much about the Willy Wu's we meet, but after reading Belly Of The Whale you will.

Look for other titles published by Kunati Publishing that are on bookshelves. Never let a day go by without reading. Make even No Days the best day of your life.

Talk later...

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